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CIRATAS exists to serve the managers and their associations within the HOA industry, more broadly, the Common Interest Realty Association (CIRA) industry, upholding our firm values.

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    This is where you submit a request with a general description of your need; if needed, we will request additional information to estimate the scope of work.

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    Gather and Engage

    Now that we've defined the scope of the project, we'll issue you an engagement letter based on the initial estimate. We will also request additional information to get us started. This part is crucial in keeping the project in line to completion.

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    Whether your request is for a tax return or a complex audit of financial statements, our team has the skills and expertise to build the project with professionalism.

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    Now that we've built the project, you will have an opportunity to review a draft before we release the finalized version. Check it off the list.

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Frequently asked questions:

Yes. Generally, homeowners associations must file an annual federal income tax return and a state income tax return. Our team helps you determine which Internal Revenue Code section is requried and/or most advantageous for your association.
Regardless of the level of service (i.e. tax returns, audit, consultation, etc.), typically, the largest factor impacting the timing of delivery is usually the flow of necessary information. The quicker we get information, the quicker we can delivery your project. Our proprietary app alerts you when a project is on-hold due to missing information.
This answer can be complex; the classic tax-related response applies here: it depends. Most residential associations are not technically "exempt organizations" in the eyes of the IRS and file under Section 528 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). This Section allows for filing the simpler Form 1120-H; but, it requires delineation between exempt and non-exempt type income. Some associations, including commercial associations, may not qualify for filing under Section 528 and instead file under Section 277 of the IRC. Our CIRATAS team optimizes the filing for your association.
In accountant-speak, an audit provides reasonable assurance that the financial statements presented are free of material misstatement according to accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America; whereas, a review provides limited assurance of the same. In practical terms, a review engagement will produce similar looking financial statements, including notes to financial statements, but there is less work required for the accountant to report on these.

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